Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back Again

I was going over my Facebook settings and realized that I haven't added anything at all to my blog since Aug. 2010. So far 2012 has been somewhat uneventful. I think I'd like to keep it that way. Presently I have a cold, but thankfully it seems to be going away somewhat. I still am hacking away, but if this is typical of the colds I normally get, then that will be with me for a few weeks.

I was thinking (as I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago) that this seems like a very strange January weather-wise. We haven't had any rain at all this winter aside from a few sprinkles. The mountains are snowless, and we actually just were put on a high-fire danger alert yesterday due to the dry conditions. I can see a major drought in our future if things don't change soon. Our friends planned a birthday party at the snow park for their son, but now I don't even know if it will be open. If so, it will be the nasty hard man-made machine snow. How sad is that?

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